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What we do for you


Here at Majestik Renovation, your satisfaction is our greatest driving force.

When you hire us to manage your project you are assured to get the following aspects of the job done in the most professional and effective way possible in the industry.

Board of Director advisory role

We meet with you regularly to discuss all aspects of the job, understand your needs, help facilitate the vendor selection process, help you understand your budget limitations, control the payments to vendors based on satisfaction of job performance and engineer approvals.

We hold your hand throughout the entire process of the construction job, From conception, to completion.

Engineer and Construction Vendor Selection

Selecting the right engineer for the job is just as important as selecting the right construction company. We are here to help you make an educated decision on these aspects of the job.

Reaching out to engineers who are known in the industry, arranging interviews with construction companies as well as working with the engineer to perform all aspects of pre-bid work, Vendor bid analysis as well as vendor selection.

Working hand in hand with the engineer and vendors

One of the most important elements in any construction job is communication. We make sure that your goals are achieved. We help communicate with the engineer and construction company, review pay applications for error as well as quality assurance of the performed work on site, give you detailed information about change orders, field conditions and other issues that come up on the day-to-day workings of a construction site.


Daily progress reports and engineering review

We provide you with a representative on site, every day the construction company is working. Our representatives will complete a daily progress report that will be delivered for your review so you are fully informed on the job progress, delays, errors etc...

Daily reports are accompanied with special notes that will point to some specific items we want you to note, Job site photos showing pertinent information, text, notes embedded into the photos as well as engineering elements saved within the photo meta data for a review at a later time if needed (GPS coordinates, Camera angle, time and date as well as other data that is useful for a forensic review if needed)

When you put Majestik Renovation on your side, we work to protect YOUR interest over the interest of the vendors performing the work for you.

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